Neutrino Loader Merge Middleware

@neutrinojs/loader-merge is Neutrino middleware for easily performing a deep merge of options into a named rule and named loader in a Neutrino configuration.

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  • Node.js v6 LTS, v8, v9
  • Yarn v1.2.1+, or npm v5.4+
  • Neutrino v8


@neutrinojs/loader-merge can be installed via the Yarn or npm clients.


❯ yarn add @neutrinojs/loader-merge


npm install --save @neutrinojs/loader-merge


@neutrinojs/loader-merge can be consumed from the Neutrino API, middleware, or presets. Require this package and plug it into Neutrino:

// Using function middleware format
const loaderMerge = require('@neutrinojs/loader-merge');

neutrino.use(loaderMerge('compile', 'babel'), {
  plugins: ['your-babel-plugin']

// Equivalent to:
    .tap(options => require('deepmerge')(options, {
      plugins: ['your-babel-plugin']

This middleware is a factory intended to be invoked with a rule name and a loader name for which to extend the options. Upon invoking, it will return a middleware function to be provided to Neutrino's use() method. This middleware is only useful to the function middleware format.

const middleware = loaderMerge(ruleName, loaderName);

neutrino.use(middleware, options);


@neutrinojs/loader-merge does not create any of its own conventions; it is only middleware for extending the options for a rule loader which has created its own conventions.


This middleware is part of the neutrino-dev repository, a monorepo containing all resources for developing Neutrino and its core presets and middleware. Follow the contributing guide for details.

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