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Project Layout

Out of the box, Neutrino presets expect a project to have a particular structure to make the development process for new projects as quick as possible. This is broken up into four directories:

  • Source code
  • Static assets
  • Build assets
  • Testing

Each of these directories is set up via convention by a Neutrino preset, but each can be customized as desired by overriding the preset's configuration or using a different preset. See Custom Configuration for detailed instructions.

Source Code

By default, Neutrino presets expect all project source code to live in a directory named src in the root of the project. This includes compiled and imported JavaScript files, CSS stylesheets, images, and any other assets that would be available to your compiled project.

When running your project or creating a build bundle, a preset will look for this src directory for the main entry points of your application and use this as the relative location for finding other assets necessary for creating your builds.

Build Assets

When creating a build bundle, a preset will put the compiled assets, including any generated JavaScript files, into a directory named build by default.

Normally most projects will exclude checking in this build directory to source control. Be sure to add this directory to your project's .gitignore, .hgignore, or similar file.


Neutrino presets by default expect all tests to be located in a directory named test. In order to make the separation between tests and test fixtures or harnesses easier to differentiate, Neutrino presets also usually look for test files ending in _test.js or .test.js. See your specific test preset for more detailed information about running tests and other conventions.